Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chilling townhall comments

If you listen to nothing else, listen to the first man who speaks in this video. I heard it on the radio yesterday out running errands and got chills down my arms. From what I have been seeing apparently it's UnAmerican of our elder citizens to raise their voices towards our elected officials at these town halls. I think not. This is probably the first time these men and women have gotten involved in the civic process after watching the decline of our country for a good long while. They have a right to be this passionate, and even loud. It's quite an act of hypocrisy to say these people should remain calm, when ACORN and the like shout and are as loud as they are. What this video doesn't show that I saw on another clip was a man coming behind the first gentleman and grabbed him by the arms and tried to shove him down. Yeh, THAT'S patriotic!

Katy Abram, the lady speaking in the blue shirt, actually got a call on her cell phone yesterday (the day this was filmed) with someone calling her a racist. A Racist? Really? What in the world does race have to do with not wanting the executive branch of your country to take an unprecedented power grab into the loves of its citizens? In my experience, when some have no reasonable argument, they result to calling names, plain and simple. I believe the maturity level never reached above high school in those instances. Enjoy the video.
They sure don't look like astroturf, or paid by anyone.

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