Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Here kitty kitty

Tell Me Thursday is hosted by , be sure to hop over and see other participant's posts! Last week I was missing the beach, this week, Im introducing you to some family pets. Yep, you heard right!

Yesterday you saw Sheba and baby. Braden's (2) (paternal) grandparents own them. They have had wildlife in their back yard for ten years or better now. Sheba I believe is about that old. The baby's father is Charlie, who passed away a few months ago. They have a number of acres "out in the country" , very pretty area.

The view from the driveaway / back yard behind the house:

Hannah visiting Charlie last year ('08):

Charlie- there are two rows of fencing that are cemented a few feet into the ground for support:

Charlie- he was such a beautiful animal:

Part of the field and the shed where the deer used to live:


  1. Wow. When I heard the name Sheeba I immediately thought a small cat. That is a huge lion and boy was he beautiful. I was not expecting to see him.

  2. Wow! What a pet! That is amazing! Do they have any other animals?

  3. Catherine, yeh most people dont think of lions when you hear someone say "kitty kitty". That's a joke of ours when we go see them we'll call out "here kitty kitty" in that sweet voice you use with a house cat.

    Danielle, they used to. There used to be a deer family, an emu, an elk (or something huge like that), jack rabbit ... seems like there was something else but I'm not remembering now. The deer would let you feed them through the fence <3

  4. Wow, I saw that picture yesterday and figured it was at a zoo. Can I ask why they own wildlife? Just curious :)

  5. When they took an interest in having their own it was legally permissable :) It's not legal here anymore but they were grandfathered in. That's why the only "new" one they have is the new baby.