Friday, August 7, 2009

Urban deer part two

More pictures of my surprise visit from our herd of deer on my birthday. View the first batch of pictures.

I love walking by my back door during deer season and seeing this view. I've missed it greatly since the early Spring. In September into October of last year Jackson and I would sit in lawn chairs between the back door and corner of the garage (close to that little hill where the buck pictures are taken) and they will wander by us. "Moe" will watch us closely while the rest graze and enjoy theirselves. One day I counted ten while we were out there, it almost got a little creepy when they started staring at us!

"You get away from us!" :)

Thier colors are so beautiful.

There's our boy. Oh he's so gorgeous, I so hope we will be seeing a lot of him this year.

I'm pretty sure Im going to create a layout of prints to hang in the livingroom of this set, especially of this last picture. It's my absolute favorite.
Which one do you like best between these and the first ones?


  1. They are all great photos, but I agree - the last one of this batch is my favorite too.

    I also like the first one of this batch - looks like the buck is looking over his family! And the one of the two does - the red coloring is simply gorgeous!

    Have you ever used Snapfish? I use them to get prints of all the photos I want (8 cents a print if you prepay!), but I also make up photo books every year(one page for each month of the whole year). Then recently I started to make collages. It is so simple, reasonably priced and great quality. Anyway, just an FYI that I like to share...

  2. Thanks Carrie :) I usually use Walmart when I print cause I use one hour. However if you order and pay online, you can get prints for 4c each. I have tons of pics that need printing so I was going to use that since what I'm printing isnt time pressing like my church stuff I print for projects.

    The red shade is a new thing for this herd. Usually they're more of the brown and tan shades but this year there's a lot of red in there. Hope you have a great weekend!