Friday, August 7, 2009

Timothy dreaming

We have an over sized chair we got from freecycle. It's so over sized, we've discussed a number of times how out of place it looks in the living room, and it's too big to fit through the kid's bedroom doors, and too big for our bedroom. When we start redecorating ... or decorating, should I say, we'll eventually get rid of it. But it's so comfortable. VERY comfortable. But it's an eyesore now. Why? Cause it's the cats' chair. (Translate: picked to death from claws) Both of them, but mainly Timothy. That's where you'll find him. It's not uncommon to see him on one arm and Titus on another. This chair sits beside Jay's recliner, where I like to do my bible reading in the morning. I caught this video on one of our recently quiet, calm mornings. It was so quiet you can hear the camera zooming!

Not earth shattering or necessarily hilarious, but I thought it was cute. If you liked it, be sure to click so below this post :)

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