Monday, February 16, 2009

Why I love blog giveaways

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You've probably noticed I'm into Giveaways by now. I just found the "Giveaway concept" on December 4th, when Sew Mama Sew done the HUGE Giveaway Day. It was SO huge, people extended their deadlines for days because the list was SO big it was impossible to get halfway through it in a day! But through that giveaway, I found some of my first bloggy friends and blogs I enjoy following.
These would be the people in the "crafty" blogs category in my sidebar. There might be more that was moved into the Homemaking category, too. (I don't remember 100%),

Nicole from Mom Saves Money shared why she loved blog giveaways, and I have to say, I'm in 100% agreement. I can't say at this point about giveaways bringing people back to my own blog, because I'm not sure that's happened. I haven't been approached by companies yet, but that sure would be nice! I haven't hosted a giveaway yet, but I have a couple in the works ;o)

Nicole says:

Here are the reasons I love to enter blog giveaways:
1. Free stuff This is
obvious. Who doesn't love to win free stuff?
2. Great chance to win Most
giveaways have 100 to 300 entries and therefore your chances to win are pretty
3. Finding new blogs I have found some of my favorite blogs when they
host a giveaway.
4. New products I am introduced to exciting new products or
companies through blog giveaways. 5. Attracts new readers Others see my post on
the giveaway and may click through to check out my blog.
6. Attracts
companies to run promotions Since the blog giveaway carnival, several companies
have seen my entries on other blogs and approached me to run promotions for
It might be cool to note Nicole's inspiration for said post, see what all she's won in the past month!


  1. When I started blogging I was shocked how many giveaways there are. I've won a few very nice things. It's amazing to find so many generous and creative people out there.

  2. Hey there, your blog is looking so adorable. I enjoyed your post on blog giveaways. I have won quite a few things myself.

    My biggest win was a $250 scholarship to attend the She Speaks Conference last year. God had a hand on that trip, that's for sure!

    Blessings to you!