Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things about me

One of my bloggy-heros Gisele tagged me! I'm a bit delayed in answering here, but alas, I don't have just six things, I have twenty five! Yes, if you are on Facebook you've probably been hit with a tag or two in the past couple of weeks. I actually got tagged with a "Sixteen things ...", then a week later with the "25 things ...", so I wrote a "Nine more things...". (That's about as creative as I think I've been lately.)

The rules say I'm to tag six people, so the six lucky people will be:
Stacie, Melissa, Nicole, Amy, Sherra, and Becki

So here we go!~

1) I'm enjoying the bloggyworld these days, and have realized it can be time consuming!

2) I'm the youngest of two, my sister is 12 1/2 years older than me.

3) I'm still laughing over Hannah misprouncing Pastor Vernon's name as "Pastor Vermon" over the holidays.

4) I think of things as the same span of time for years at a time. My mom has been 62 for a few years (her birthday is tomorrow, remind me to ask her how old she is); Jay's grandma has been 80 since we visited her when Hannah was 2-3 years old (she's seven) ... and I'm still 28- didn't ya know?!

5) I'm a news junkie.

6) As a teen I stood in line with friends (you know who you are) for three hours to get NKOTB tickets.

7) 2008 pretty much changed my perspective on life. Aside from human loss, we lost five pets as well. It was a hard year! But my God is faithful *g*

8) I love playing in photoshop.

9) I host a message board called "Frugal Kitchen".

10) I'm trying to read my bible in a year's timeframe.

11) I've broken my arm ... about seven times.

12) I broke my nose about two years ago and still laugh about the accident (though I wasn't laughing the first year afterward, lol - that'll explain some of my flair ;)

13) I thoroughly enjoy working with the three year old nursery every Sunday monring- lately we've been having between 20-25! woo-hooo!

14) I've only been camping once, when I was in elementary school, at a friend's house, and we went inside in the middle of the night (and I wonder if *she'll* remember that when she reads this)

15) I'm very proud of my husband and don't think I tell him enough.

16. We love Mexican food. Every Sunday we go eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant after church. It's our little tradition. I'd like to find some good dishes to make at home to save some money and maybe do it every other week.

17. A little girl named Gracie and a little boy named Dante swooped into my life in 2008, and without ever meeting them face to face they made me want to be a better mother.

18. I have four pregnant mice, Dakota, Julie, Ruby and Speck. Itsy is the runt, she managed to not get pregnant. The potential fathers are Marty, Despereaux, Max, and Feivel. Anyone want some pet mice? (Update, we ended up with 21 and they've been reduced to 9 remaining now, we held them today! so sweet!)

19. I played violin in HS. I've always said before I die I'd like to learn how to play "Devil went down to Georgia" . I'd also like to be good at Phanton of the Opera, and the theme to Rocky (not eye of the tiger, the other one). Oh and the Nutcracker Suite. That's in a Symphony- the WS symphony would be fine AND dandy :D

I've always thought it would be nice to be able to teach the kids to play too.

20. If I had my way I would be getting mani - pedi's at Lambertis Spa every week.

21. I quiz our kids on family history to make sure they remember it.
Yesterday they were debating over who got to cut the last dill pickle in half for them to share. I asked them "how did mommy and daddy meet?", Jackson had it on the tip of his tongue and Hannah blurted it out and won- it was so funny cause she was hopping up and down as she was saying it like she was on the Price is Right.

22. Until a few weeks ago, Gone with the wind, steele magnolias and fried green tomatoes were at the top of my movie list (animated moves aside) ... then I saw PS I Love You, and that movie knocked them all down a notch.

23. I got my GED in '05 promptly after Jackson realized mommy never graduated high school. It was a big deal to him, still is to this day. Four years later he still talks about it.

24. I pretend to be interested in football for Jay and ask questions during the game (though I blog while the games are on). I guess it's useful knowledge for when you do watch it though. (Kim, ssshhhhh!)

25. I wasn't a girlie girl until high school. I'm thinking this is why I enjoy Jackson so much. I enjoy Hannah, but little girls are so weird sometimes! ;o)

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