Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy-Birthday Jackson

Better late than never, eh? This is from Jackson's birthday party last month. The first one was for the cake at home (must see), the second was when the servers at Red Lobster sang to him (and how cute of him to sing to himself, lol). You can tell he ate that up.

The candles they got for his cake at home was supposed to be sparkler like, and they ended up being the "hard to blow out" type. I love the end of it ;o)

Speaking of Red Lobster, you might be wondering about the pictures from Wordless Wednesday htis week. That is Jackson's "before and after" pics from his birthday dinner. He got pasta with lobster bites, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Needless to say he enjoyed every bite!

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  1. LOL!! Jackson always seems so happy go lucky. Happy birthday Jackson. Hope you had a great time!