Thursday, February 5, 2009

BIAY- February 5th

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  1. Ooh! Hebrews! Fun!

    Hebrews 1:4 Christ earned his inheritance. In Hebrews, so do we, by our good works and perseverance.

    verse 5: This is a really cool concept. God begot Jesus AS HIS SON (to his rightful position), not at Christ's birth, as I would assume, but at His resurrection -- (we know this is talking about AFTER He died, when He sat down at God's right hand, from verse 3). right? My pastor made a really good case for this a few weeks back. It seems more obscure now that I read the passage without his direction.

    Verse 14: "those who will inherit salvation". Here "salvation" is referred to as "inherited" Our first clue that "salvation" in Hebrews might be different that "salvation from hell" in John. We can't earn our way out of hell.... Oh, and it also refers to "salvation" as in the future. Since I believe in Christ for my eternal life (salvation from Hell), that's a done deal -- I was granted salvation in the past, and it continues. The salvation here has yet to be granted.

  2. I don't have my bible with me at the moment, but if Im thinking right, the Hebrews passages is what speaks of us, as gentiles, being "adopted" into the jewish inheritance, right? Through Christ, we are able to go to heaven, whereas before Christ, it was just the jews who was going. We were not able to have the inheritance of the jews before Jesus come. So through Christ, and Him becoming our Savior as Gentiles, we become "spiritual Jews" ... make sense?