Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 things I love about Jay

  1. He loves the Lord.
  2. He works hard to provide for our family.
  3. He shares the same conviction about my staying home.
  4. It's rare we don't see things the same way (there are exceptions, though.)
  5. His driving is better than mine.
  6. He can stay calmer than me in a crisis (I think he's rubbed off on me.)
  7. He still loves me now as much as he did when we started, even though we've both changed a lot.
  8. His sacrificial spirit.
  9. He's a content man, not into "stuff"- gadgets, toys, etc ...
  10. He'll take me fishing and offer to bait my hook.
  11. He watches some of my shows with me, without whining about it.
  12. He loves, respects, and cares for his mother.
  13. He loves being a dad.
  14. He loves being in a ministry in church.
  15. His McDreamy eyes.
  16. He is very handy and can fix about anything.
  17. He is resourceful.
  18. He makes me laugh.
  19. He trusts my judgement (but does not hesitate to challenge it if he disagrees with something.)
  20. Getting a computer was his idea (lol)
  21. He's a neat person (but not OCD).
  22. He's never been the jealous or possessive type.
  23. He likes to cook, and will come home from work and cook for us some days.
  24. He's punctual (which balances my lateness, we'd never get anywhere if it was otherwise)
  25. He loves me :o)

Wow! That was easy! I wrote that in a fraction of the time it took me to write 25 things about myself, LOL!!

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