Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ressurection Biscuits (kid activity)

Hannah loves making these. Past couple of years we've had family over for Easter, and Hannah has LOVED showing everyone how to make "Jesus biscuits"- giving her a chance to share the Easter story with our lost family members :o)

typed previously-

You take canned biscuits, mush them out flat, then put one large (or 4 small in my case lol) marshmallow in the middle, then wrap the biscuit around the marshmallow, dip in cinnamon-sugar-then bake. Theory being that when you open the biscuit after it comes out of the oven, the marshmallow will be gone-representing Jesus disappearing from the tomb/rising on the 3rd day.

Yes, the mashmallows will be gone. There might be a white residue depending on how many you use, how wide you roll out the dough, etc ... but they are SO good! Definitely a "dessert biscuit" *g*

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