Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gratituesday 4-20

This week's Gratituesday post is going to be a little different than most. I saw something yesterday that just warmed my heart and encouraged me so much. I have not watched a "Miss USA" pagent in at least ten years. But this year- something made the news. Carrie Prejean, Miss California, did not deny her convictions for the sake of winning the crown. She was asked the very controversial "gay marriage" question by an apparent controversial celebrity gay figure. The backlash caused by Carrie's response shows the evident expectation that Perez expected her to be PC, and even pander to the gay community.

Click here to view the video coverage of Carrie on the Today Show interviewed by Matt Lauer. The end of the video with her is precious, and priceless. THAT, is what I am grateful for this Tuesday. That there are STILL young Americans out there that are not afraid to state what they believe, REGARDLESS of how it will effect them personally. Carrie is readily willing to accept it was not God's will for her to win that pagent, but her witness through this will go much farther than an entire year of being Miss USA. Click here to read an interview transcript with Fox News.

Perez on his own blog posted a video that showed his blatant expectation of what he desired to hear Carrie say, and his own blatant biases. Below the America's Newsroom clip concerning this. It's very obvious that this man is very accepting of Carrie saying something that would alienate millions of Americans who do NOT agree with gay marriage. That in and of itsself shows his obvious hypocrisy.

Lets go a step further:
(Disclaimer: I'm playing devil's advocate...)
Nay sayers are trying to spin Carrie's answer as a "dumb blonde" moment reiterating that no, gay people do not have a choice for marriage in this country. Actually, they do. They can move to a state that does recognize gay marriages.

Oh? That doesn't sound fair? That kind of thought process goes right along with Obama's energy policies, does it not? They are currently working on legislation that would cause you to pay more money for electricity used during peak times, but are saying we will still have control over whether we pay the excessive electricity charges. We can choose not to turn up our air conditioning during peak times, to not pay the money. Either way- they get what they want - a "greener" energy policy.

I say let Carrie critics think about that the next time they say they don't have the "choice".

What are YOUR thoughts?

What should Carrie Prejean have said when asked about gay marriage? Should she have said something else? Did she give the right answer? Was she diplomatic enough to become Miss USA?

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  1. I think she was right for answering the way she did! She should have won, Perez is a bitter nobody in my opinion!