Saturday, April 25, 2009

388: Question of the Week

Something was brought up on another blog I read (she has the most gorgeous pictures). One of her children had lost a tooth and the discussion was how much the tooth fairy paid out, etc ... As a Christian, the whole imaginary type people / figures associated with holidays and events got very sticky when Jackson was little. Santa, Easter Bunny, so forth. I was almost disowned by my parents over Santa Claus! It was an actual raise-your-voice confrontation when we announced we were not going to encourage the Santa story with Jackson and focus on Christ instead.

When the first tooth was lost, we were in a great big gray area. Our reasons for not going with Santa and Peter (the Easter bunny, lol) was not going to hold. There were no spiritual applications to a child losing their teeth. They would not be spiritually hindered by an imaginary figure, when the day come that they find out the figure was not real (unlike the others...). So we went with the tooth fairy.

Ooooohhhhhh have we went with the tooth fairy ;o) we've really made up things as we go. The main "rules" of the tooth fairy is:

She will not visit unless your room is clean. Not "clean the path to your bed" clean, but CLEAN. Vaccume every inch clean. Fairies do not like messes, ya know. If she tripped over a toy in the middle of the night she might hurt herself and instead of visiting all the other kids who had lost their tooth, she'd have to go home and put her foot up and rest. That would be bad.

The tooth fairy walks inside instead of flys, because the ceilings are too low for her to gain speed to fly inside. The tooth fairy leaves boys $1 a tooth, and girls $5. Her rates went up after Jackson lost his teeth, but right when Hannah started losing hers. {Truth? all daddy had was a $5 for her first tooth and he had already forgot two nights before then ...}

Also, the tooth fairy sometimes does not come the first night you put your tooth under your pillow. She's a very busy fairy with a list a mile long of children to visit so some times it might take a few days for her to come by- just be patient! If she's over seven days late (this happened once)- she'll leave an extra special quarter that she loves dearly that has special powers sometimes for you. That beats a $5 bill any day! (the quarter? gone ...)

Oh, and her name is Elina.

So how about you? Does the tooth fairy come to your house? What's she like? Is there a big payoff at your house for teeth? Create a post on your blog and link me to it in the comments, or just leave a comment here sharing about what your family does with lost teeth. If you'd like feel free to grab the QOTW graphic for your on sidebars!

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