Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Minutes for Photography

This week's article at 5 Minutes for Mom is about taking pics in an outside environment where the kids are not thinking about getting their pictures taken. It made me think of all the pics I took out at the beach last week while we were there. We got locked out of our hotel room before Jay got back from work, so the kids and I went out to the beach while we waited for him to get back (it was about 40 minutes before he was due ...)

awardNeedless to say they weren't dressed for a typical outing to the beach, then again, we've never been to the beach when it was colder weather, either! So I told them to take their shoes and socks off, roll up their jeans and go run in the sand. When I said "run", I really just meant "Go DO something" LOL what did my kids do? They went down in the sand and started running in big circles, Hannah chasing Jackson. Then Jackson decided to do some kind of jig type dance being silly. I was snapping away with the pics.

If I posted the original pics, you wouldn't be able to appreciate them because of the resizing I'd have to do and I was a bit of distance away from them standing on the boardwalk, but, I cropped them so you could see what I caught:

This one was a bit blurrier (is that how you spell that?), but I liked how the shot caught the sand kicked up in the air as she was running:

This was more clear and caught his silly expression (and more sand movement)

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