Monday, March 9, 2009

What a week!

This is going to be a busy week for us. Our Spring revival started last night (Sunday) and it lasts through Wednesday night. Thursday morning I leave for Virginia for the Ladies Prayer Advance, and I'll be gone through Saturday afternoon. Then mom reminded me today that this Saturday night is the night I had planned to go to the Steven's Center with them cause they had extra tickets, lol I'm going to be SO tired!!

I'm excited about the prayer advance though. I have fond memories of past ones I've been to. The first one, I had no idea what it even was. We had not been back in church for very long, and my mentor at the time just said "there's a paid slot, and I'd love you to go with me", and my thoughts was "hey, three day trip with the ladies from church, no money required, I'm in!". Little did I know. I can just say that most people only think they have experienced revival, until they've attended one of these events. I went to the one in '01, then another one in '03.

Basically it's breakfast- morning session (preaching & worship, lasts 1 1/2-2 hours each session) - lunch - rest an hour - afternoon session - workshop (optional) - dinner - evening session. Basically, up to six hours a day on Thursday and Friday of worship and preaching, you leave Saturday after the early-afternoon session. No cell phones, no TVs, no computers, no land lines (except for the main building). You are completely separated from the "outside world" for that time period.

I know six hours of "church" can make someone wonder how that can be exciting, but when you go expecting to meet the Lord there, expecting that "something", be assured- He is going to meet you! Like Jacob wrestling all night with the angel of the Lord, he held on TIGHT to that angel, fighting, until he got his blessing.

I have no idea what will come about this weekend, but I do know that eight years ago I went, and I come back a completely changed person. That weekend saved my marriage- literally. The Lord dealt with me and changed me in ways that weekend that can be attributed to nothing short of a miracle from God. Jay's still amazed to this day I think- cause that is one thing he does not hesitate to encourage me in, lol I think if he had to drive me up there and drop me off at the front door he would! LOL The Lord dealt with me on my pride problem, and showed me how pride can ruin everything in your life- every relationship you have. and He dealt with that seriously in depth! My blessing? a saved marriage and Hannah was conceived two weeks later ;o) I say she's my prayer advance baby :p

This year is going to be extra special for one, because revival is this week. My heart is going to be right from session one! ;o) Also, my retired Pastor is the preacher for this year's advance! He retired last March and our current Pastor "took the reigns". He had been on staff working as Associate Pastor three years prior, so it was an extremely smooth, precious transition and time for the whole church. But it's been a year since I've heard him preach ;) we're talking about the man who led Jay and I to the Lord, it was his ministry and preaching that brought us to salvation, and his ministry that led my kids to salvation. He's a very special person to us. So I'm excited.

The fellowship, the preaching, the time away to just focus on God, man, what a great weekend it will be! Please pray for us all, and for my family. I really hope revival will be special for Jackson. He's struggling so right now. Thank you!

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