Monday, March 2, 2009

Weather, Rally

We got snow last night! All winter long I've got to see my northern friends and thier snow, and we finally got some! All it took was a massive storm that somehow started from the south, LOL Jay and I were talking and we both agreed the last time it snowed *this* much was back in '91. So this was the kid's first REAL snow. We spent probably 3-4 hours outside with the kids today. I have a thousand pictures (well, not exactly, but ...). We built a life sized snowman. I have to say I think this was the first snowman I've ever helped make! So the kids and I both got to have a "first" today.

I have some great shots I want to share, I believe I'm going to save them for Wordless Wednesday. I have some beautiful scenic shots- I hope to be able to turn them into blog layouts for the designs site. I do plan on taking a bunch of them and creating a photo book for the kids.

Tomorrow is the Return America rally in Raleigh, and a group from church is going. We have about 250 people signed up, I'm not sure what the turnout will be since the weather is so rough. Our "Young at Hearts" do this every year as a group, and the rest of the church is invited to join them. My only thing is riding the two hour + trip down there in a school bus, LOL! I'm taking Jackson with me tomorrow. We talked about what it's for, without even having to get into the fact men are wanting to marry men, etc ... He was all for it just because the bible says "man and woman" and that's good enough for him.

I explained to him that when he is older, and the amendment is passed, he will appreciate being able to tell his own children he had something to do with it. I've had people ask why do I concern myself so much with "current events" and politics, and the answer is quite simple. It's the same thing my now retired pastor said many years ago when Jackson was just a little guy-

"... if this country ever gets far away from God, and my kids or grandkids look
at me as a Christian and ask "what did you do to stop this?", I want to tell
them I done everything I could. I don't want to have to say "nothing"."

I would say this is a biggie, don't you think? So if you see this throughout the day, please pray for our safety and that the mission will be accomplished this year!

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  1. Wendy, I got your post to the blog. I will do. Is there anything specific I can pray? It sounds like you are going through some hard times with the children's school stuff. I'm so sorry!