Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Velvet Cookie-sandwiches

This project was inspired by Bakerella, if you have not read her blog, you MUST- just as soon as you finish reading this ;) It was a Valentine intended treat, but we made them the night of Valentines I think. I was very impressed with the number of cookies this recipe (using a cake mix) yielded. I believe, by using conservative tablespoon drops I ended up with a lot more than what she did, but it worked out well because the sandwiches were just big enough- not like those huge cookie sandwiches you see in the stores.

I like the idea of making smaller portions and getting seconds if you want, instead of having bigger portions and having the psychological struggle of wanting to "finish" so you "don't waste" any. Whichever way is fine, whatever works out best for you and your family.
I did find, however, that it is better to let your cream cheese filling fit in the fridge and set up a bit before icing the cookies, it spreads a lot better that way.

Hannah thought assembly was easy, although I needed to use my electric mixer for the actual mixing. That was a nice suprise though cause I remembered to pull out my new one with the digital display *g*

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