Friday, March 27, 2009

GF Girl Scout cookies and more

Stephanie at Totally Together is on a quest to recreate Girl Scout cookies in gluten free form. I'd love to know what the nutritional stats are for these myself! Nevertheless, they look yummy. So, that is on my list of recipes I want to try *g*

Lemon Chalet Cookies (in the comments section they're devising a plan for a homemade mix, if you have a cure for the boxed mix idea, I'd love to hear it- please comment!)

Thin Mints (I know this is a beloved favorite- I hear they're awesome straight from the fridge.)

Trefoils (shortbread)

Sidenote: Stephanie is also the author of A Year of Crockpotting, which is linked in my sidebar right now. I love that blog. If you love your crockpot or have a desire to get to know it better, that blog is a very good place to start!!

Talking about sweets, Bakerella made the cutest Spring Chicks pops. One day ... pops will be a favorite pastime with me and my children ;o)

Speaking of GF, Carrie (Ginger Lemon Girl) has a couple of new recipes posted- she's so clever! Using rutabagas for "hashrounds"? Genius! and I've never had rutabagas, but this simple recipe makes me want to pick up some when we're at Whole foods this afternoon *g* and I'll tell ya why- I do think there's merit in a low carb lifestyle (which is what Carrie is doing). and I have quite a bit of weight to lose, and I love potatoes though in moderation. I like te idea of recreating carb laden dishes with alternatives, and this recipe looks like it will be comparable to the "mouth feel" that regular hash browns do for me. That's part of my enjoyment with hash browns, the crispiness, that feeling you get when you bite into it. Does that make sense? That's my biggest challenge with the kids, morseso Hannah overall, is the mouth-feel factor. (Jay is the same way.)

Oh! and she's also given me hope for spaghetti squash, too! I've fixed it one time, and like Carrie, I ate it though not really joyfully. She posts her recipe for roasting the squash, which makes me wonder if that was my mistake. Last time I fixed Spaghetti squash (years ago) I done it in the microwave. That might be the difference for me, ya know? and it's such a good-for-you squash, why would one not want it in their diets?

Well that's it for now. I'm headed to go get the kids and run some errands before meeting my family for Japanese tonight in celebration of my father's birthday- Happy Birthday Dad!!

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  1. Thank you for highlighting my blog Wendy!! I truly appreciate it! Let me know how you like those dishes if you try them!! Have a lovely weekend!! Blessings to you!