Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recouping from the weekend

We had a much busier than normal weekend. Birthday party, Christmas play practice, alternate childcare arrangements, sunday school Christmas party, playdates, family get togethers, WHEW!~ I didn't do much today. Got some housework done. Jackson started up with a fever last night, complaining with his throat hurting. I wasn't surprised when he said it, the girl we take to school had strep throat last week. So having some amoxicillian left over from his ear infection two weeks ago, we started him on that last night. He was still running a low grade fever tonight. Not sure if he'll be home tomorrow or not.

I'm very bothered at how sick he has been. He has not been sick like this since he was a year old. I'm frustrated cause I know how I can strengthen his immune system, but there are others in our household that would never comply or support what it takes to accomplish that, and it makes me MAD! It just reminds me of how some people will never "get it", no matter what is faced in front of them. I know of a wife whose dh was morbidly obese. The doctors literally said "lose weight or die". The wife didn't stop bringing fast food into the house. Her H eventually died. He did not stand a chance.

Why do people choose to continually make decisions that are bad for them and their family? :o( Yes, Hannah is a picky eater. I would not mind fixing extra dishes, of they were HEALTHY extra dishes and not a serving of frozen pre cooked processed chicken nuggets! Why would you choose to give your children sugar laden cereal in the mornings? Do you just not listen when they say the sugar crash is bad for their ability to retain what they are being taught? That it is overall bad for their blood sugar levels? That it will make them cranky mid day and potentially cause trouble for them because of their inability to control said crankiness? ::sigh:: I just don't understand.

He has SO much homework, and with him being out of school like he has been, he's having to work twice as hard to get everything caught up, and it's overwhelming for him. I'm glad J has stepped up and is working with him on his homework. I believe he appreciates the extra attention, too.

Hannah's birthday- we've decided I'm going to call her bff's from her school last year and invite them to the movies to see The Tale of Despereux Saturday, probably around lunchtime. After that, they'll come over to the house for some playtime. Jackson's bff #1 come home with us from church Sunday, and it done his spirit a world of good. I believe this will lift Hannah spiritually being with these friends. Her "good friend" at school seems to be really sensitive from what she comes home saying. It's like she cannot play with another child without the friend getting upset and actually crying? Hmmm... Not sure if I'll manage the crown I wanted to do, and I remembered today that months ago she picked out a mini cake at Whole Foods she wanted for her birthday, so I'm going to get her one of those instead of baking this week like I was originally thinking.

So I was surfing the blogs a little bit and found these ADORABLE hand sewn Care Bear ornaments! How precious are these? Our tree is up, and we've created popcorn - cranberry garland and hung it on the tree, but no ornaments. J hasn't found our old ones, though we've found the new ones we bought from Target after Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, they'll go up tomorrow. I'm ready for it to feel like Christmas. Honestly? It's not, really.

All that's left with our cinnamon applesauce ornaments is to tie the string in them so we can hang them. I believe I'll start another batch of those to cut up and dry- Hannah really enjoyed decorating them with glue and glitter. They look cute. I also want to do a gingerbread house. Check this cool one out :) So far the only one the kids have gotten to do is the one in k5- a milk carton with graham cracker walls and roof, decorated. It was yummy though!

Head is sore, starting to hurt, good night!

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