Friday, December 5, 2008

Birthdays and Holidays

I'm going to be in party planning mode for the next month. Hannah's birthday is the 20th, and Jackson's birthday is January 2nd. I need to figure out soon what we're going to do!! However, I found this most adorable crown tutorial, and I think I can manage hand sewing it, don't you think? I mean, Jay and I cross stitched quite a bit when we were dating. It wasn't bad. Hannah will be so surprised to find this on her birthday morning!!

I also found this method for making homemade applesauce ornaments. I saw directions here for bird patterns, too, so between the two of them I believe we have some good direction. I think we might try this this weekend. I like the idea of using glitter to decorate them.

Speaking of new traditions. With the kid's birthdays being so close to the holidays I constantly feel like I'm failing them with birthday-only related things. With their getting older and all, they're paying more attention to things now. Up until now, they've been perfectly contented with their $25-pick-what-you-want-within-reason allowances. (On their birthday, we go out and they pick whatever it is they want.)

It may sound hokey, but I wonder. In one of my favorite movies, The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (see trailor for a good LOL), Vivi (the mother of Sandra Bullock's character) had a tradition is "sneaking" a birthday cake into the kid's rooms and waking them up first thing on their birthday mornings. They'd have their own little "party" to start out the day, blowing out candles, etc ... This is the first year they will NOT be in school on their birthdays! They will get out of school the day before Hannah's (bday Sat. 12-20), and they'll go back to school three days after Jackson's (bday Fri. 1-2).

I saw Bakerella's idea of making mini-double layered cakes using her moist yellow cake recipe she put together. Naturaally I'm only capable of doing the "messy" design, but still.

What do you think of starting that tradition this year for something new?
Oops, gotta run- here they come ;)

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  1. Years ago I did the applesauce ornaments with 1 cup cinnamon and 1 cup applesauce. You flipped them every day as they dried. They turned out great and we still have them to hang on the tree. My only warning to you is that cinnamon stains! Don't wear your good apron.

    Have fun.