Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have strep throat

We spent Christmas night at BILs, and when people started leaving a couple of people started smoking in the house / lr. I woke up Friday morning with my throat feeling very irritated, and my chest was tight so I assumed it was the cigarette smoke. However, it kept getting worse and worse, and the swelling was horrid by yesterday morning, so I went to the dr, and voila! I can swallow somewhat decently today but it's still rough.

The last time I had strep Jay come home with season 2 of Grey's Anatomy (LOL, it had just come out), but this time he said they were out and brought me home the book Multiple Blessings :D I started and finished it today, it was SO good! It was a real blessing and just a GIANT testimony for the Lord.

Any Jon & Kate fans out there?