Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the News: 12-16

America's Most Wanted: Case Closed
Fla. police close books on '81 Walsh killing
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A serial killer who died more than a decade ago is the
person who decapitated the 6-year-old son of "America's Most Wanted" host John
Walsh in 1981, police in Florida said Tuesday. [read
I saw the interview with the dad on Fox News today. I felt SO sorry for him, I could not imagine being in his shoes right now. I had no idea that was how that show originated, either. To imagine the grief that man was feeling at that time and he dedicated his life to helping others who were going through what he was going through. To think of how he felt when another family's case was solved and closed, and he continued to wonder ... WOW. I agree with him. what kind of person does that to a child? :o(

Speaking of what kind of person, it looks like we're getting closer to finding out what happened to Caylee Anthony. While I had no idea about the Walsh case, I have been following the Anthony case from day one and it BLOWS MY MIND -
totally! How can a mother wait a MONTH before telling anyone her daughter is missing? It's all phooey if you ask me! It appears they've put first degree murder back on the table for Casey, which I believe is the only right thing to do. For those who are not very familiar with this story, you can read the timeline here.
Did anyone see the story about the little girl who wrote a letter to Santa and turned it in at school ... and one of her requests was for someone in her family to stop touching her and her sister? :o( Great man alive! PTL her wish will be coming true this Christmas.
Oh and what about the shoe thrower? According to this story, the guy is being lifted up as a folk hero, his brother saying it was their way of saying goodbye to Bush, etc .. do they not realize that because of what Bush has done in Iraq in regards to the Operation Iraqi Freedom, that man did not die for his actions? That because of OIF, he actually has the liberty to express his opinions and views in a peaceful fashion (not through violence!) without fear of action by his own government? Seriously people!
Here's the video (I chose this one for the slow motion, George Bush is QUICK!! lol)-

Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone?


  1. I read John Walsh's book years ago. It was so sad.

  2. The more I hear about him, the story is just so ... did you know he was the one responsible for missing children going on milk cartons?