Saturday, December 20, 2008

center of attention

My aunt is sick tonight so my other aunt is picking me up soon to go see "A Christmas Gift" at our local arts theater in a few minutes. We went to see the movie and her friend's mom decided her and little sister would stay and watch the movie, so that was VERY nice cause I really like the mom and we visited seen them in months and months. The movie was VERY good. Go see it! (and tell Hollywood we want more family friendly movies made! )
After the movie I was instructed to kill some time, so we did. I was letting her think she was choosing our lunchspot, but I "accidentally" missed the turn to go where she chose (Golden Corral). I went the 1/3 mile down the road to turn around while passing the place we were meeting at, and she said "hey look!.." I asked if she wanted to go there and she said "YES!". So we got in there and she was shocked to find my parents, sister and her two sons, my aunt (her 'other' maw maw), Jay's mom (Nanae), his brother and Jackson. Her first words "what are y'all doing here?!" as she ran to everyone hugging them.

Ironically, a group of ladies from my high school class had been working on a get together date, and it just so happened that today worked best for about everyone but me cause of Hannah's birthday. When we decided on the surprise party, and this restaurant, I had to giggle cause that was where they chose to go eat, for lunch ... and I realized last night we had chose the same time they had. (However Hannah and I did not arrive til 45 minutes later, LOL!) So I got to see friends from school that I literally had not seen since 1993 ;) That was cool.

Lunch was delicious, that Whole Foods Cake was to DIE for (BETTER than Dewey's Bakery people!!) ... she LOVED her presents and said this was the best birthday after. O have a ton of pictures but I need to go get ready, so, I'll leave you with a teaser from what happened today.

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