Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mouse Babies

We're famous now, we're on youtube ;) I cannot believe how fast the babies are growing. They were no bigger than jelly beans when they were born! Twelve days and they're tripled in size. I'm amazed at how Dakota manages to nurse them. Right now they either are lined up like little itty bitty COWS, or she's laying across them like she's on a mosh pit or something, LOL!! (See end of first video)

Oh, and Dakota is pregnant again @@ So we get to do this in another 2-3 weeks, too. Anyone in the market for sweet little pets for Christmas? They'll be hand raised and lots sweeter than those psycho hamsters people buy ;o)

I'm filming them with our digital camera. They were born in the "nest" area of their cage, and it is green tinted. So that's why the color isn't the best in the world but we plan on moving them to a clear, solid cage soon so I'll have lots of great material then :D

Notice how they're all still until she comes in the nest and they mob her? All you see half the time are feet and butts, LOL It's so funny how they just drag behind her.

I got tickled with this one below watching that one this morning clean itsself, they just started cleaning theirselves today. One's eyes have opened as well- it won't be too long!

This one below was cute- the 'grownup' in this video is Marty, previously Mary, sitting with the babies while Dakota went below to eat some food. He's a good babysitter and we've caught him at times laying across them as if he was nusing them (awwwww). Dakota will be laying up there feeding the babies and Marty will be grooming Mary, LOL!!

Also notice how he starts sniffing my way, and packing the bedding against where I might stick my hand in the cage (protective daddy!)? At the very end you see "Speck", the white one stick its head out from the pile. That's Titus you hear in the background. He sits and watches them too ;o)

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