Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The love of baking

I used to love baking, frosting, decorating baked goods, name it. I guess I got out of the groove of it. I can't tell you if I baked this year, sad, huh? Well, I'm gonna bake tomorrow. Hannah and I are going to attempt gingerbread men. I've never done them before, but I'm going to do the Hungry Girl recipe instead. Worse comes to worst, the house will smell good and Hannah can decorate them. Bakerella blew me away with her last post: Snow Globe Coca Cola Cupcakes. I'm going to try a version of these for Jay and see how they turn out, lol Just look at the pictures, they're beautiful!!

Hannah decorated the tree today. I gave in, I wanted a decorated tree for Christmas. Jay never found our traditional ornaments. When I pulled the "new" ones out of the bag in the box, I realized my ambitous thought from last year- I wanted the kids to have their own trees this year. The new ornaments was a GIRL set, red and purple balls, a specialized lipstick, a tiara, two satin dress ornaments .. an adorable set ;) So we have a girlie tree. pictures to come. It looks really nice with the popcorn-cranberry garland we made, and the cinnamon applesauce ornaments we made.
popcorn cranberry garland

We had church tonight. It was wonderful, our candlelight service. It brought back memories from two years ago when Christmas was on a Sunday, and it fell upon our Communion service. It was Jackson's first Communion. It was such a special night :) Pastor preached a wonderful message on the shepherds in the fields the night Jesus was born. A friend and her family were in town tonight and we got to see them (at church). Wonderful news, they're expecting their seventh child! PTL! It's Hannah's BFF#3 and her family. I'm so happy for them. The girls were so happy to see each other tonight. Yep- I have pics ;)

Jay cleaned Hannah's room today ~whew~ It looks great. He put up the canopy I bought for her this summer- Disney clearance sale. She took the ten mylar balloons from her party and tied them to each post of her bed, lol Her bed now looks so festive *g*

Oh! The new baby mice are here! Dakota delivered early, I have no idea how early so I Imagine she's went into heat again and and yet again, we were too late. We were going to go get a new aquarium to put them in today to separate them but I found the babies under the bedding yesterday. She technically wasn't due until Thursday-Sunday. We need to separate them anyway- pray for us. Four of the Thanksgiving babies refuse to be handled- they jump from our hands. The other four are okay being handled. I want to move Dakota back to the regular cage with the new babies so we cna watch them grow like the others. We cannot even see the new ones! I trust they are okay. She has the food bowl flipped over on top of them and crawls under it to be with them. I know the little girls are sneaking in and being maternal with them too :p Very cute. It's amazing how big the Tday-babies are getting. Marty is a wonderful dad. I was watching him groom the bigger babies tonight. So sweet.

:::big sigh::: lets go to bed. It's very late.

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