Saturday, December 20, 2008

and we're off

Hannah woke up a little before 8, and come and got in bed to snuggle and inform me she was seven years old. We have her "special outfit" sitting on the table beside the tree, I was going to let her find it herself but she left my bed when I dozed back off to go play Barbie on the computer ;) So I'm outof the shower, she's in the tub. I'm going to do my bible reading and put my makeup on before I go get her. We put her smell-good bath beads in the tub and I fluffed up the shampoo into a lotta bubbles so she's soaking like a beauty queen right now. (It'll be a while).

I'm going to let her scramble eggs for breakfast (translate: eat before movies to avoid popcorn and soda!), and then we'll be on our way to the movies! :)

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