Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

oh the pain!!
Seven years ago right now I was severely pregnant, and had spent the day Christmas shopping in preparation for the big day, the 20th. The day my Hannah would be born. We walked all over Walmart, so much I thought I might had been starting some contractions! My feet were hurting SO bad. With balancing that big ol belly, my hips were hurting something bad, too. That's some kind of pain! But the next day, my baby girl was born weighing just two ounces less than her brother but with more hair.

Fast forward seven years. I was again, in Walmart, but this time not shopping just picking up my photo cards *g* I sent in one copy just to see how they printed, we went home, adjusted, and put in the order. From Walmart I went to the kids school and walked and walked and walked- back and forth between their classes. Uhg! It was nice to be there with them but I knew I would be paying for it tonight.
After school we took the kids to meet MIL and we went shopping for birthdays and Christmas. Yes, Hannah is getting her "special birthday dress" she picked out- the one she wanted to wear for her birthday ;o) and I scored the one I really liked (for her) too! (It's this fabric) LOL I just love Gymboree.

Moving on. We go from the mall to Dicks Sporting Goods, then to O'Charleys for dinner. While sitting at dinner I felt the pain coming on. See, I now have arthritis in my feet (and have had burcitis, a form of arthritis, in my hips for years) and can only stand / walk for so long at a time before it just radiates through me. These days when the feet and hips are hurting, my lower back gets jealous and decides to join in. So I'm in recovering mode now, and have finally realized WHY I like to shop online so much these days *g* After dinner, we went to Whole Foods and picked out the best birthday cake we could with the choices we were left with at 8pm. From there, we went back to pick up the kids from MILs.

So seven years later- I'm STILL in pain! ;o) But I'll be alright- I have a happy, healthy soon to be seven year old girl laying in her bed right now dreaming about being a princess. (That's what she always dreams about) . She has accepted Christ as her Savior and is confident in her relationship with Him.

I could not ask for more.

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  1. Wendy, hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to visit me! I hope you'll come back often.

    I just got back from Walmart (coincidentally, the 20th just like your visit there seven years ago) and the throng of shoppers was so thick. It took twice as long as usual. I can't imagine doing that at the end of a pregnancy; you're a real trooper!