Thursday, March 16, 2006

You know, I had a pretty good day today

We were out of school today for a technological conference the staff had to attend. Jay let me sleep while he got Jackson ready for school, then brought me McDs coffee back around 8am. I got up around 8:30 after visiting with him for a few minutes (we hadn't really talked in two days with schedule conflicts...). I got a LOT of laundry accomplished (a bit was already washed / dried, just not out up..), cleaned the kitchen, straightened the livingroom, played with Hannah ... then I had work this evening. The Lord even stepped up and took care of a babysitting conflict, too! PTL!! Gotta love best friends ;o) I've been "ill" a lot lately at home, but it was really nice to just hang out here for a day!!

A couple of highlights that's going on:
My BIL was admitted to the hospital again yesterday. He has severe sores on his legs. This is the one who is morbidly obese who lost about 250 lbs down to 400lbs last year. He's back up around 500 again. One of these days he is going to get the help he needs, and understand the premiseof healthier eating!! My sis is just as guilty though.

My "aunt Bonnie" (the one who suprised us and gave us the money to put down on our car, the one I had been tutoring on the computer there fr a while ...); well, Bonnie has not been doing well. A couple of months ago she had an upper GI test done, and since then she's been having sporatic panic attacks. She has never been quite "all there", I just knocked it off as her taking too many pain killers being a real hypochondriac IMO

Increasingly over the past 5 weeks, Bonnie has been exhibiting more and more symptoms, IMO of paranoia schizophrenia but noone listens to me. She had an episode earlier this week, and her SIL come in to visit yesterday. She found her yesterday evening disoriented, lethargic, so she took her to the hospital. They admitted her (again), and as they were doing tests to rule out any physical causes, they found that she has been trying to cut her self on her left arm. None of us have ever seen it cause she *always* wears long sleeve shirts, even in summer. That was a shocker for us.

So the big thing is trying to figure out what to do. She has a grown autistic son that lives in a group home (has his own personal aide that does a LOT with him). If she goes home with her SIL, that's in FL. Mom and my other aunt would still be responsible for caring for the house and visiting with her ds- but then her ds is going to want to know where mom is :( So it's a big mess. I'm so sad for her, but glad they're FINALLY seeing that she REALLY needs help. I've told mom for months something was not quite right- she had 25 medications in her possession that she took for varying things when she went to the hospital last week with a panic attack. Uhg is the word. She needs salvation, too. Her and my BIL.

Brandy is doing ok. She's getting overwhelmed with work and has taken an extra day off each week, NOW that I am officially hired ;o) That's ok though. She done the 24 hour bucket test for pre ecclampsia, and they done bloodwork, I'm guessing since I've heard nothing more about it, that it come back ok. Something that is bugging me is, her dr's are already planning on inducing if she does not go by her due date. My thought is, why even speculate this early on stufflike that? I mean come on!! She's otherwise having a perfectly healthy pregnancy, why mess it up talk about induction!!?? OK mama bear is done ;o)

I'm so tired, I'm gonna go to bed now! :)

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