Sunday, March 26, 2006

I am in awe

Hannah and Jackson spent the night with MIL last night. When they got home this afternoon, as J was taking Hannah's shirt off changing clothes for her nap, I noticed a few marks on her back. They had been playing with MILs cat / kitten, and had just moved onto playing with bubbles. Hannah had jerked her bubble wand back like she did the little stick-with-the-feather on the end thingy, and Miss Kitty jumped for it. Miss Kitty has claws. Yep.

So Hannah gets up from her nap, and as I'm in here on the computer and she's in the bathroom I hear "the breathing". I knew it was plain as day, she was running a fever. When she come in here, she was burning up, and talking her head off. I mean that kid was rambling oonnn and oonnn ... she was running a 103.7 fever! OMGoodness the first thing I thought was she'd gotten cat scratch fever from Miss Kitty (BIL has had it before, not from that cat, it was about 12-14 years ago...). So I jumped on iVillage and looked it up, and the timing and symptoms weren't matching.

So as I am getting ready to shlep to the hospital, J calls one of the other sound guys at church to tell him we won't be there. Our friend says to stick her in a tub of lukewarm water (we'd heard of that) and pour half a bottle of rubbing alcohol in it (had not heard of that). So J did, and I'll have you know within an hour she was down to 100.5 and holding! :-O God is so good! She has never weathered a fever this good! Yes we missed church but PTL no trip to the hospital tonight!

Our lesson in sunday school this morning was on thankfulness- I have a lot to be thankful for, that's for sure!!

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