Monday, March 27, 2006

Tired of all the profanity on TV?

A guy in speaking today, done his exository speech on the effects of what kids see on TV these days- he spoke of 'cable' in specific. He explained his strict Catholic upbringing, his parents strong moral convictions, and how he some times felt like he was missing out. He then went on to say that as an adult, he grew to realize he did not miss out on anything. That as an adult who at one time cared for other's children in an after school program, how astounded he was at the lack of respect the children had for adults in charge, and the things they said their parents let them watch on TV. It was an interesting speech and he ended it with a challenge to consider what we allow our children to be exposed to, and make neccessary changes in our kid's viewing habits before it's too late.

Seeing him as a single twenty something, I applaud him for seeing the neccessity of this.

We take great concern in watching after what shows Jackson and Hannah watch, praise God they are happy with true age apropriate material, although Jackson is seeking educationally stimulating shows that are IMO beyond his years, but he loves them nonetheless. His fav show right now is "The Most Extreme", which amazes me for him to be only 7.

This is why I was shocked when I got an email from the AFA concerning Fox not using a delay on the live broadcast of the NASCAR race yesterday, resulting in the "s" word being said in front of many, many children. I thought after the Janet Jackson thing, nothing was truly live anymore but under the delay, "just in case"!

Here's the email:

File a complaint with the FCC against Fox Network for using the "s" word.

This past Sunday afternoon, Fox network broadcast the NASCAR "Food City 500" race. During the course of the race, driver Martin Truex, Jr. crashed his car after being bumped by another driver.

Fox network aired a conversation between Truex and his crew chief, Kevin Manion. During the course of the conversation, Manion told his driver, "We missed the set-up today. It (the car) was a piece of s**t.

Fox had been warned about allowing the "s" word on the air. The network could have used a delay and bleeped the profanity. But they chose not to. The network chose to air the segment live. Millions of viewers, including children, were offended by the crude profanity.

Also, please forward this to your family and friends. Together, we can make a difference!

Take Action
Here is your opportunity to make the networks more sensitive to your concern. The FCC is willing to fine the stations, but viewers must complain! Please file a complaint with the FCC against Fox stations for the broadcast of indecent language.

Click Here to File Your Formal Complaint to the FCC Now!

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