Saturday, March 25, 2006

Work was interesting ...

Thursday night, the head waitress, the "go between" the from employees and the owner, since there's not really a General manager there, and I, were talking about payoutsd on the register. I knew that the hostesses were being paid 'under the table', which I really had not sorted my thoughts out on yet, but what got the conversation about it going was us doing a payout to pay one of the kitchen guys. My question was, simply, "I wonder if he (the owner) knows about any possible penalities if the IRS caught on to this ... (thinking) because you're (employees) supposed to pay taxes on the money they make .... (further wondering) if they caught on that he was not taking out taxes, would they go to the employees next, which would require an audit of the last few years probably. Just thinking aloud, ya know? I followed that up with "I'll ask my accountant friend and see what she says..."

I go into work yesterday and had become the pariah according to the other hostess, the one, in which, my spirit had already forewarned me there was going to be problems with her because if her very nature (critical, conescending, two faced / gossip...). Thehead waitress said that she mentioned what we talked about to the owner, and he said everyone would go on payroll to be safe. Then the other hostess starts reaming me in accusing me of "running my mouth" if I would have "kept my trap shut"; "sticking my nose where it didn't belong"- I mean she was outright HATEFUL.

My first reaction / response was "Why are you yelling at me when I did not say anything to him?" that went to I should have not said anything to the head waitress, in which I followed up with "Wh should I not mention any concerns I have with my job, to the one who tells me when to work, and the one who got me hired in the first place, who makes the schedules, and overall is the owner's spokesperson" ... which she follows with "he is the owner of this restaurant and has been doing that for years and if you didn't come in here and say something he would have kept doing it" ...

That was when I stopped and said "You know, I asked a perfectly ethical question, and I am not sorry I did. If, when it was brought to his attention, that he could GO TO JAIL, and he decided to change things, that was his decision." "It doesn't matter how long he has been doing it, if it's illegal, it's illegal. It's unethical and doing it for a number of years does not make it ethical"

It was just horrible.

I lost the last half of this post :( Basically, she did not speak to me the rest of the night. I need to let this go, forgive her, and move on. Please pray for me.