Saturday, March 4, 2006


I'm shouting out cause I got hired for the hostess job at the restaurant! It will be Thurs - Sat from 4-9, regular schedule, so we'll be able to appropriately plan ofr things. I had initially planned to homeschool Hannah for k4 this fall. Then when I found out about the hostess job I told B to tell them I was interested. That extra income will be enough to cover Jackson AND Hannah's tuition this coming school year, taking that burden off of Jay, Praise God!

So I go to school the other day and tell them I need an enrollment packet for Hannah, and the secretary said that k4 was already maxed and had four already on the list (open enrollment started that day!). Though she said that the odds were high that some kids would drop off, I wasn't feeling well about things, but told the Lord it was in his hands. We got a call the next day, they said they were holding a spot for Hannah to get the registration packet and fee the next chool day. So she's in! PTL!!

What are you shouting about this weekend?

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  1. WOO HOO on the hostess job AND the K4 spot! Maybe you should enroll Pinto now as well...