Friday, March 3, 2006

School has been CANCELLED tomorrow (Friday)

I just got a call from Jackson's teacher. Our principal has cancelled school tomorrow because of a growing epidemic of BIRD FLU ("Type A") in the school. Apparently the number of cases reported this week is getting higher and higher. A family doctor of one student apparently said that each family should call their dr and inform them that they'd been exposed and let their dr's decide whether to treat the whole family or not, whether symptoms were present or not. (wow)

Big question is- do I need to go to school tomorrow? I mean, I have already contaminated everyone in my classes if I have it (and looking at the symptoms, uhmm, yep, I'd say I fit the pattern!!). I'd love a day at home in bed but not at the expense of my GPA! Last time I was out I ended up with two zeros! :(

So anyways, if you feel led please pray for the school, and especially the health of our teachers. She said they still had to go in tomorrow to bleach down all the classrooms to get the germs out, etc.. But specifically, there's a boy in Jackson's class, who's brother has a rare heart condition that has left his immune system compromised. Anything, a sniffle, could send him to the hospital. He's 9 years old now I believe. Please pray for extra protection for this fella! He's homeschooled but his brother of course is not, and our class is extra cautious about not sending the kids if they have the least of a fever, etc ...



  1. So Mrs Woods, I think it is time that you UPDATE your blog...

  2. Oh now you think it is FUNNY do you? You are SO not funny...