Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update from here

I just realized this morning that it had been a few days since I blogged. The past few days have flown by with my working. I waited tables Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday and Saturday I hosted. Thursday R, the one who was quitting, showed me some main points that really helped out Friday, like, the credit card machine- running tips, how the register worked (extremely basic, but it has ten deparatment codes shown, we only use one dept code, but unless someone told ya, how would ya know?).

The thing is, R was different. She was from Bulagria, and had a heavy accent. Lets throw in, she was beautiful, too. Something a staff full of women typically hold against another woman. It reminds me of Tea Leanoi's character on "Spanglish" when meeting her to-be housekeeper for the first time and she said "Your GORGEOUS", and her mother says "it's more of an accusation than a compliment". There was a lot of that going on.

From what I have observed, with R's thick accent, people did not want to take the time to truly ccommunicate with her, therefore, they basically treated her like an idiot. This woman is NOT an idiot, this was just a part time thing for her while she was between jobs, and she's moving to NJ for a job in marketing. But I caught a load of crap and flack Friday when the other hostess found out R had showed me some things beforehand. Her words were "Just forget everything she showed you". When she didn't show me anything incorrect, but instead of showing me things beforehand, the other hostess showed me as we encountered things. Not very efficient IMO

She also made a couple of comments in front of customers I thought was rude and uncalled for, basically insinuating I had no idea what I was doing because R trained me. This woman is in her 60s with the maturity of a teen. Not to mention, I have heard her cast judgement on B a few times- which, whew! Makes me even more thankful that I have the wisdom to know, she needs my Savior, NOT my standards. There's only one Christian on staff at this place- my work is my mission field.

So that's what brought me to blogging during Sunday School this morning- Teacher S said we deal with two basic groups of people in our life- the saved and the lost. and it's more likely easier to deal with the lost, because we do not hold the lost to the same standards we hold the saved too. Makes PERFECT sense. Made me think about work. However, common decency and respect for others is not a "saved" thing I don't believe! Now, my bussing the servers tables as I have a moment, and getting drinks for their newly seated, can be attributed to my being saved- cause everyone I've worked with has talked about how wonderful it is to work with me, because I lend a hand when they're out of hands. I just remind them of the Golden Rule :o)

Before I was walking with the Lord, being in the workplace brought on real emotional problems for me. I now know why- it was because I did not have the encouragement of the holy spirit, and the wisdom and understanding I have now. PTL for being a SAHM for 7 years! What growth has occured since then!

As far as school- it's going on. I'm facing a BLOCK with my expository speech, I REALLY need prayer for that. Other than that, things are going well!

We're going to the Zoo at the end of the month with Jackson's school. It's a trip he 'won' for seling over $200 in candy bars ... I laugh, we sold $2450 :p

Lets go get ready for church. We are celebrating our Pastor's 30th anniversery today. This morning they presented him with a 2006 Crysler 300 at the end of service- I would have loved to have seen hat but I was in the nursery. After church tonight we're having a fellowship with a "movie" of Pastor and his wife's past 30 years. It's gonna be so sweet. I might as well not do my makeup cause I'll be crryyyiinngg!

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