Sunday, March 26, 2006

Work Saturday night

I had been pondering whether to approach the OH last night, and something in my gut said to wait. I thought about the fact that we do not need someone to ask for forgiveness for us to give it, so does someone really need to know you've forgiven them? I mean, they might not really care, so why say anything to them? Our ability to forgive is between us and the Lord, right?

I continued to be more on the quiet side, but she did speak a little last night. So I thought things were going to smooth over. Then we were getting ready to leave. Usually when the kitchen manager goes up front to run the register tape, he'll start going through the check list verbally making sure everything is done. When the lights went out I knew that he should be on his way to the back door so I went on to the back hallway (right at the corner next to the kitchen) to wait.

I waited ... and waited ... and waited....

Then I heard a sprayer from the sink. One of the kitchen guys was waiting in the kitchen (limited english). Then I hear her voice, her saying " [head waitress] would be mad if she knew the trash was not emptied", and repeated it two more times, because, she was speaking to a guy, who did not understand half of what she was saying!

I go to peep around the corner, and she is holding the trash can, that is underneath the register. WHY was she rinsing it out? It only had PAPER in it!!! So here it is, the hostess' duties are as follows: empty trash under register, in bathrooms, clean the glass on the doors, change the menus for the next day. I would have done that trash can, but I had to reach AROUND here to get UNDER the counter to get the paper towels and windex- excuse me for thinking she'd get it! So that was the ONLY thing I didn't do, and she's going to try to make a deal over me not getting one trash can, when it is her job, too? I KNEW it was going to happen.

Here's what's worse. Hours were supposed to go in to the accountant last night. Guess who called in the hours? You guessed it. I have a problem with this. If my check is wrong Wednesday you bet I'm going to say something. She should not be doing anything concerning payroll! :o/