Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So I'm sitting here in class ....

The woman who sits across from me ... she's struggled in Basic PC Literacy all semester. She's at least bi lingual, if not English being her second language. We're halfway through as of today- ending our chapter and projects in Excel. As we have twenty minutes left in class- I hear a big sigh from her end. She looks like she's about to cry. She whispers over to me- she had just accidentally deleted her TEST- without printing it. She had been working on that thing an hour. I'm so sad for her!

My eye is itching a bit this morning. I have a good idea why. Hannah was rubbing at her eye last night and it looked red (to me). This morning it was all goopy, puffy, and red. I told Jay she needed to be seen by a doctor today so she could get "on the drops" or whatever med needed to treat her 'conjunctivitis'. He had better do it, too! If he doesn't, she will not be able to go to church tomorrow night! And see, he won't be the one who has to tell BOTH kids, we won't be going to church- because daddy didn't take Hannah to the dr today! He won't have to hear the wailing and knashing of teeth- *I* will- because he most likely won't be home in time for church. uhg! and that's so not fair to Jackson.

Jackson's in a spiritual stronghold as of recently, I'm not sure what it is, that's between him and God but I have been praying for him. I know all too well how important it is to be at every service when you're under spiritual pressure. and he's so young, of course physically but spiritually, too. His understandng, or should I say, comprehension is wiser than his physical years- that can be good OR bad, kwim?

He's having academic testing this week. His teacher told the kids they needed to eat breakfast and have a healthy snack each day to do better on the tests. He requested his "healthy, low fat snacks" this weekend. The low fat part was his insert :p I'm so proud of him. If he could count points he would. So I got apples and bananas. He comes home yesterday saying he didn't eat the apple because he has a loose tooth- and everytime he has a loose tooth and eats an apple the tooth falls out. Gotta love the reasoning *g*