Thursday, March 2, 2006

I am really sick ...

Tuesday I woke up with CTS acting up in my left wrsit / arm. So I was wearing my wrist splint to keep it 'still', all Tuesday andyesterday. Earlier this week I had noticed my throat being scratchy, hurting to a degree, but different than if my sinus were draining, etc .. you know how moms are, I shrugged it off ... until Wednesday talking to some ladies at school. I made the comment- "You know my left arm has not hurt like this since I had strep throat two years ago..." then it hit me.

The dr said that strep can aggrivate existing conditions (don't remember the reason) but that was why they gave me the splint to keep the last time I had strep. I told myself day before yesterday I'd better be careful, but what can ya do? uhg

Yesterday my arthritis in my hips were radiating, my were are all 'stopped up' feeling, I was sneezing my head off, throat hurting, and viola- I started running a fever and acheing all over. The CTS wasn't as bad as it was though, PTL

Today I am not any better. Still sick and feverish. My sore throat isn't as sore as I thought it was compared to the rest of my acheing :( I made it through school today though and made a 100 on my computer test PTL

Moral being, PLEASE pray for me! I so cannot miss any more school! If I do I can't go to our ladies prayer advance in a few weeks! :...o(

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