Sunday, December 18, 2005

Went to the party / Jay's early present / what do you see?

I'm cramming three different things into this one post for time's sake. I went to the party tonight mainly because the kids really wanted to go. I decided it was my pride making me feel as bad as I did about the party. I'm glad we went cause it's always good to see family. We had a really good time, and as you can see from my WW points for today, we ate, too ;o) We got to visit with my cousin and her family- her husband and 16 month old twin girls. The girls look nothing alike, but they had them dressed the same tonight and it was SOOO cute. The girls are walking now, too. What a precious time for them.

Mom ended up going and getting us an artificial tree today, and gave us some extra lights. We're putting our tree up tomorrow. I've decided I'm going to have Jay sit down and we're going to discuss a plan to not have these things happen next year. A friend of mine said they agreed to have all shopping done by Thanksgiving, and they were. how cool is that?

I found the most awesome page by accident tonight. It's all sorts of coca cola wallpapers, and a screensaver. Apparently Coke is a sponsor of ABC's 25 Days of Christmas :O) I'd love to see Jay's face when he comes in here in the morning and sees our new goodies on the computer. he is a HUGE Coke fan from "way back". He has two coke tattoos on his arms if you can believe it.

I made a new signature yesterday, how do you like? I really worked on the detail on this one, and chose the fonts carefully:
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  1. We haven't put up any Christmas decorations at all yet here. I am hoping we can all do that as a family tomorrow after church. We don't put up much, and it's not a huge deal to us, but it's fun anyway.

  2. Did you get your decorations up today A?

  3. Not yet! Going to try to do some today. :)