Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Update on "us"

We had a long conversation last week ... Thursday night, actually. The decision we have come to is that Jay will cut his hours down at his regular job (since he doesn't get time and a half for OT) and get a second job third shift somewhere. He is going to have some big raises (pay adjustments more like it) showing up in January, so between the two of those, financially, we will have a leg to stand on.

I didn't like the idea of him getting a second job at first because his identity has been so planted in how much he worked, what he was doing, so forth, that I at first felt like that will add to the problem instead of helping it. But then the spirit started working on me and showed me that this was his way of showing how serious he was against going with plan B as much financial sense as it made. By the end of the discussion I had peace in my heart. Also, this will give me the opportunity to focus on MK when I start school, too.

I officially applied for college last week and am awaiting my acceptance letter. That should come this week or next. I took my computerized placement tests yesterday, and they turned out exactly as I was expecting. I am going to have to start out with Introductory Algebra in math before I can start my curriculum classes. I barely passed the math portion of the GED so I was not suprised. I used to be very good in math, especially Algebra, but when you haven't dealt with it in 14 years, it makes a difference!! I believe I am going to enjoy this, starting at the beginning, again. I also believe this is the lord's way of working out my schedule because the best I culd figure out, the first curriculum math class would have had to have been taken on Tuesday nights because of scheduling conflicts, So PTL

As far as English, I scored very high. I'll start my English classes out as curriculum. I'd be suprised if I didn;t score high in English as much writing as I do, LOL I'd feel awful silly!!

I was informed that the funds for the child care assistance grant was depleted for the Spring and Summer semester, so I am going to check out our local headstart program for Hannah. It's basically, public school-preschool. I'm worried about her doing public school preschool at this age, so that's not a problem for us. We still have to make a decision on whether she will start private school next school year, though. Oy.

But the preschool hours are from 8-2:30, which are the exact hours I was planning on her doing, so that will be good. That will give me some free time after my classes to tend to the apartment or do MK work. It seems like the Lord is really working things out.

I even run into our counselor yesterday at the gas station. He said that he could start things back after the new year- that should be good.

Gracious, I have been going on about how well things seem to look and I get a phone call from the school about the bill being behind. I had no idea that he had not made a payment on the balance and Jackson should not had been coming to school since last thursday!!! and he wonders why I get so upset over things? At least now I have a no-hods-barred attitude towards communication and I just let it fly now. No way he's not going to know what I'm thinking. /shaking head

I just keep reminding myself it took us seven years for it to get this bad it'll take probably that much more to make it better. Now I need a hug.


  1. *hug* Best of luck with your marriage. You have been in my prayers, even though I don't know you! Marriage can be really tough even without the complications of financial struggles. My husband and I almost killed each other the first year, but it got better.

    And its worth the struggle. Communication certainly is the key, so I'll pray you two keep working at it!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! I really appreciate the prayers, and thanks for posting! It's neat to know there are people out there reading :o)