Friday, December 16, 2005

New resolutions, early

My friend Maryn inspired me by sharing her personal point system she used to challenge herself through the holidays. I thought that it was pretty neat, so I come up with my own point system to install a bit of self motivation and control in my exercise, diet, and spiritual health. I've been feeling pretty crappy lately and I know my health is faultering. So here's what I come up with:

Goal: 100 points per day

2 pts per half cup serving of fruits and veggies up to 4C = 16 points
2 pts per half cup serving of dairy ("milk") up to 3C = 12 points
2 pts per 2 ounces of grains up to 6 oz= 6 points
1 point per ounce of meat / protein = 5 points
11 points for journaling & meeting Weight Watcher Points goals (22 WW points per day)
3 points per 8 ounces of water up to 64 ounces = 24 points; If I make it to 24, I get a bonus point = 25

10 points per workout up t0 30 a day (up to 1 hour optional but no additional points allowed)

Devotional & Prayer time:
alone: 5 points
with kids: 5 points
with Jay: 5 points

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