Saturday, December 17, 2005

Points for Saturday

Well I can go ahead and tell you, the WW points are out of the county. I went to my cousin;s for dinner tonight and she served cheesecake for dessert. :p

Chicken BLT Salad from Wendy's w/ 1/2 pack reduced fat ranch dressing = 8 points
coffee = 6 points worth of creamer (rounding off)
1 C pasta with light oil dressing (my guess 2oz) = 3 points
1 C green bean casserole (you know, the good kind, however I did find a low sodium version) = gonna say 3 points on this one. If anyone knows an accurate point value for this please let me know for future reference!!
2 oz honey baked ham (fat trimmed off) = 4 points
I had a small cube of peanut butter fudge = 4 points (half the suggested serving size in this recipe)
3/4 C cooked broccoli = 0 points (PTL!!!!)
1.25 slice cheesecake = 13 points (ROFL!!!)

So the total iiissss: 41 points! ouch!! Let me go figure out yesterday's total to see how many flex points I have left! :p

Okay, yesterday I had 26 points. So if Friday is going to be the beginning of my week, then that was four points over leaving me 31 flex points. So today I shall use 19 flex points and have 12 left for the rest of the week. Do we think we can do it? Or, err, I mean, me? Do we think I can do it? ;o)

Okay Lifestyle points for today (not a lot I can tell ya)

Goal: 100 points per day (today's total: 50.5)

2 pts per half cup serving of fruits and veggies up to 4C = 16 points (16 pts)
2 pts per half cup serving of dairy ("milk") up to 3C = 12 points (2 pts-creamer, remember?)
2 pts per 2 ounces of grains up to 6 oz= 6 points (4 pts)
1 point per ounce of meat / protein = 5 points (5 pts)
11 points for journaling & meeting Weight Watcher Points goals (22 WW points per day) (oy, okay, uummm .... 5.5, cause I certainly did not meet my WW goals!)
3 points per 8 ounces of water up to 64 ounces = 24 points; If I make it to 24, I get a bonus point = 25 (18 pts and going...)

10 points per workout up t0 30 a day (up to 1 hour optional but no additional points allowed)

Devotional & Prayer time:
alone: 5 points
with kids: 5 points
with Jay: 5 points
Unfortunately, none of this happened today.

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