Saturday, December 24, 2005

Went shopping tonight; got pictures!

We had to wait for J's check to come in today before we could go Christmas shopping, so we went to Target, without the kids, was done in like, two hours, no more than 2.5, waited in line at closing for less than one minute, checked out, went and got the kids, hid their presents in mom and dad's car, and I have spent the last two hours editing digital pics!

Update on my health- I am doing much better today than I was yesterday. I made myself get sick this morning and that went a long way to my feeling better. The aches is gone, my voice is here, my stomach is ok except for some mild nausea, and the huge acne cyst that formed on my forehead is even going down. It should, I probably drank 1.5 gallons of water yesterday with my cotton mouth! I didn't lower my dosage yesterday to see if the symptons would subside once the meds "got in my system". I'm thinking it's working, cause yesterday vs today is like day and night!

We have a busy week ahead. Tomorrow morning the kids and I will be baking cookies as their presents for everyone (Lord willing). I'm going to let them frost and decorate with sprinkles. We have to be at J's mom's house at noon (lunch and opening presents), then back home around 3-4 to finish up presents, then go to my parents for dinner at 6. Sunday we will go back to my parents for Cmas breakfast, open "Santa" presents (though the kids will see their bikes beside our tree at home and know mom and dad got them, LOL!!); go to church at 11, lunch at my aunt's at 1 and open presents, church again at 5 (candlelight-communion-call from missionary service!!), J's brother's house (recently reunited) by 7 for late dinner and opening presents, then HOME. Monday morning we leave for Alabama to visit with J's mother's side of the family, to eat and open even more presents. WHEW!!!!

We come home Friday. I'll tell ya now, you may not see me unless technology has grown since we last visited them in April. They're in the middle of nowhere and as of April still didn't have high speed internet available! (Can you imagine? *gasp*)

I just lost half of my post. I'm not writing anymore ...

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