Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today was Hannah's birthday

My baby is growing up. We (as in Hannah, Jackson, and moi) we out to lunch for pizza, as they love pizza hut. We had a nice lunch and then went to toys r us. I enrolled both of them in the birthday club and Hannah got her birthday card from "Geoffrey the Giraffe" yesterday with a dollar giftcard, lol That was just that cat's meow, lemme tell ya! See, we avoid that place like the plague for obvious reasons so Hannah was so excited to go see her new friend at his work ;o)

Jackson on the other hand had a HORRIBLE time accepting the attention being on Hannah, even though he was not being pushed to the side whatsoever! Man was he crabby today- even though, HIS birthday is in two weeks and he'll get the same day!

uhg, off of that ... so she finally got to get the Good Morning Sunshine My Little Pony. You knw the one that talks and moves and blinks her eyes? I was not impressed with the idea of paying $25 for this thing from what I had seen, but once we got her out of the box, it's quite the cute little toy! She has a passy / binkie attached to her neck, and when you stick it in her mouth, she makes a sucking noise :-O and she has a bottle, in which she makes drinking noises with and hiccups, lol She comes with a brush, and one of the sayings is she asks for you to brush her hair. It's worth the joy Hannah has had today playing mama. I would have never thought.

Well with all the rutkus of an unhappy boy, I ended up with an early-stage migraine by 4:30-5pm. So we went to my parent's house to rest (they have more comfie beds, LOL THICK pillowtops). They come home shortly after so mom afforded me the opportunity to take half a vicotin and lay down without worrying about what the kids were doing. She let me sleep to 7pm. After that we noshed a bit and dh come by on his way home and visited with dad.

Got home around 9, got the kids to bed, and here I am. The headache started coming back so I took some more stuff and will be going to bed soon. I go t the doctor tomorrow at 11. Been having pain in my abdomen for quite some time but it's been getting worse lately. All the symptoms point to ovarian cysts, but we'll see.
So that's my day!! :o)

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  1. HIIIII (((Kris!!))!! I've been thinking about you! Vicotin is nice to me, but I try to be sparing with it being an addictive substance. What is prednisone for?