Friday, December 16, 2005

Early winter weather

In North Carolina, our "bad" weather usually starts after Christmas, usually in January. Lo and behold, week before last we had our first school delay, and yesterday we had our first "ice day". See, we do not have snow here, we have freezing rain, sleet, and then maybe some snow. So I have been with my sweet darling children all day. After the horrible ending of The Apprentice 4 tonight, we saw on the tv listings that they've already cancelled school for tomorrow.

I'm not suprised, it rained a good part of today, and the temp was at freezing at 9pm. It's just crazy we're starting our Christmas vacation like this! I'm not sure how they're going to handle that. Our Christmas parties were supposed to be tomorrow, it being a half day dismissal. Guess we'll start vacation two days earlier, eh?

I'm guessing tomorrow the kids and I will bake cookies and clean their room. If I survive. My head was pounding this afternoon when I made them take a nap. Which, I'm not even sure Jackson slept, as I kept him in my bed to not aggrivate Hannah. I think he tossed and played the whole time cause my head hurt a LOT worse when we got up than when I went to sleep. PTL for good pain killers! (That sounds bad doesn't it?)

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