Thursday, December 8, 2005

Preschool Decisions

Okay so we know that Hannah will need a place to stay while I am in my classes after I start college. I've been trying to figure out what we're going to do since I was informed the funds from the childcare grant are depleted for the spring and summer semesters already.

I start with looking into the "More at Four" program. She has to be four before October 16th (she will be 4 the 20th of this month..) so that's out. "Headstart"- waiting list, could not tell you how long it will be, and, well, not sure impressed with the site to be honest. Just not so sure. I've learned to go with those feelings.

Then it dawned on me that a close by Chrisian school has a three year old program. Sure enough, they do, for the same cost as Jackson's old preschool that I checked out and priced a couple of months ago when I was thinking about work. Same curriculum as Calvary as well (the school she will be attending this fall most likely...Jackson's school), PLUS Spanish and music every day. So I'm impressed, and make a mental note. Quite a few of my friends actually graduated from this school, and one friend at church sends her three boys there. Trust is a big thing with me! ;o)

I get back online today and find the place I need to check with for a family subsidy program. Go down there today and get the information. We can choose whatever preschool we want, as long as they are licensed and 3+ stars. Surely to goodness the Christain school is at least a 4 star. Go by and ask- they're state approved but not licensed as a daycare. Uhg. But that's okay- that still leaves Jackson's old preschool a mile away from there. They're on the actual referral list with 4 stars, I can handle that.

So it looks like that's where Hannah will be going. She has seen the classroom and was impressed. We're already experienced with this place, and I am impressed. Unfortunately Jackson's former teacher had to move up north as she was offered a job being a private nannie, so Hannah will have a different teacher. But that's okay.

The down side of this is, they (the subsidy program) cannot process our application until I have my school schedule in hand with a written letter saying I'm a full time student of 12 hours or more. I believe I'm going to be doing 17 hours this semester, actually. The problem with this, is, I don't get to register until January 7th, and classes start on the 11th. I know they will not get things completed in 5 days! So this leaves my mother watching Hannah until funds become available. They cannot even say if they will, or will not be available in January. Apparently migrant workers put a big glitch in that system because some go home in the winter and some stay, etc..

I just pray things happen asap so we can get on a good schedule and stay with it.

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