Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Uht Oh, someone stick me in bed

Here are the weather details for our area today from -

Windy and colder with increasing amounts of sunshine

High Temperature: 50° F
RealFeel®: 42° F

Winds: W at 15 mph
Wind Gusts: 34 mph
Maximum UV: Moderate (3)
Thunderstorm Probability: 1%
Amount of Precipitation: 0.01 in
Amount of Rain: 0.01 in
Amount of Snow: 0 in
Hours of Precipitation: 1 hrs
Hours of Rain: 1 hrs

Okay, I had to WALK in that today!! By the time I got to my first class, my fingers were numb, my hot coffee was lukewarm, the pressure behind my left eye was tremendous, I was seeing spots, and gasping for air! That was one major cardio workout there!! and I have to go back tomorrow, but at least the gusts will be down to 4mph and there'll be a high of 64o Praise God.

I'm afraid the damage is done. I "feel" it. Not sure what "it" is, but it's there. Did you ever see the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where the guy
sneezed on him in the airport restroom? I feel like Ray did- you know- "like you feel the day before you get the flu- the day before that" (LOL!! That's a funny episode)

Classes were good today. I have a lot of homework, reading mostly. PTL my Psychology professor stopped on page I quit reading last night with the intentions of finishing it this morning. But Jackson was running another fever this morning so I slept an extra hour. This is his third day out of school. I have all his work here, he just won't do it.

I spoke with Jay last night about my recent struggles with the kids. It's like they've decided NOT to obey! I don't know what's going on with them but my nerves are getting shorter and shorter. Jay will have to ensure Jackson's work is done tonight. He should be getting home any time now. I've decided to assign the kids chores for each day. Just got to figure out what they'll do.

Uhg- I just feel rough. I'm gonna go try to read some, Take care!!


  1. I know what you are saying about the kids. My daughter has decided that "Defiance" is the word for the month. And my son is acting like he's 2! I've got a whole. . .5 hours before that!

    Here's hoping you get nice & snuggly warm, so all the bad germies go pick on someone else. Just not me.

  2. Awwww Carson! Little man is already turning TWO? Happy Birthday Mini Man!!!

  3. Hey Wendy,
    I can't "feel for you about the weather" because I live in Northern NY. We are having weather like that too and we are rejoicing, not zipping up our winter coats because of the heat wave. Some years we've had to somehow get the gumption to come out in 30 below zero weather and try to function. However, I can relate to the kids going through the that deinate phase. I know it will sound silly---but just keep being consistant and they will come around---eventually. I remember when my oldest was around 8 and my youngest around 6 they would fight like cats and dogs. Funny thing happened though---we had a little boy come to church who was not made to mind his mother at all and Alex came home overwraght exclaiming, "Why doesn't someone make him obey!" It was then I knew that even though he himself gave me a run for my money he indeed saw the value of obedience. Both my boys are now well behaved teens----watchout for year 13 though because all of a sudden in that year they begin to think they alone have the wisdom to run the world---this too shall pass with patient, consistant, discipline (and a shoulder to cry on and talk things.