Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This will be an ongoing feature on this blog from here on out.

We're sitting at the kitchen table, Jackson doing his seatwork from school that he's missed since he's been out of schoolf or two days now (he WILL go back tomorrow!!)

He says ...

"Mom, if you get one of Temone's teeth (our dog whose teeth have been falling out gradually), can you give it to me so I can put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy? ..... I'll give the money to Temone...."

I was making an egg salad, and could not find my egg slicer. So I was hand chopping my boiled eggs. I decided to make things easier and cut a "grid" first, then start slicing from the end. Jackson was watching me, and says....

"Whoa, that's cool. Mom when I graduate from college and I can use a knife, will you teach me how to do that?"

Of course I said yes. I'd much rather my child not use knives until college ;o)

Jackson: "Hey Mom, you know if you had named me Lucky, that my name would be Lucky Ashlee W, and my initials would be LAW ... (giggle) get it? I'd be the LAW!"


  1. Want to know the best way to make egg salad?

    Potato Masher. Just mash the eggs. . .don't slice them!

    My cousin does hers in the food processor, which is less manual labor, until it's time to do the dishes.

  2. But I don't want them squishy! lol