Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jackson passed his cooties

He still has a nagging cough, but it's just nagging not as deep as it was a few days ago, and went bacl to school on Thursday. Jay and I have picked up the cough, and mine is getting deeeepp. It's turning into that barking sound. I'm going to take some musinex soon- I just feel my bronchial tubes tightening up. The kids spent the night with MIL last night and Jay went down there for the afternoon. I spoke with him a little while ago and he said Hannah was running a fever now. Now we know what that means. That drama queen never runs a fever and leave sit at that. So we have another dr's visit coming up soon, except it will have to be mom who takes her, because I'll be in school!!! Well, I guess I can make an appointment for later in the afternoon, that would work I guess. Who knows. All I know is I'm SICK and I only have 5 hours for each class I can miss. uhg!!! I told my algebra teacher early last week that I didn't care if I was running a fever- I was coming to class if it killed me, lol