Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today's Forecast

Turning cloudy, windy and cooler

High Temperature: 50° F
RealFeel®: 41° F

Winds: WNW at 15 mph
Wind Gusts: 34 mph
Maximum UV: Moderate (3)
Thunderstorm Probability: 0%
Amount of Precipitation: 0.00 in
Amount of Rain: 0.00 in
Amount of Snow: 0 in
Hours of Precipitation: 0 hrs

Again! Oh my goodness I got caught in a dust storm in the gravel parking lot today!! I really, really need some good gloves to wear. My hat and scarf my SIL got me for Christmas has been awesome. However, I just noticed a little while ago that I have a layer of fine black fuzz on my neck where my scarf was. I wonder if I had that going on all day and noone told me? Oh well ;o)

Tomorrow is my first PC Lit. test, I sure hope I do good. I have a math test on Friday, and my teacher said if we didn't have any questions Thursday we didn't have to come to class. (God threw me a bone and I'm catching it!!) so as soon as I am done in my PC class I am coming home and dieing (not literally of course).

I have an ear - nose - throat - chest thing going on. Everything is rattling, pressure behind my sinuses, UHG!!

Hey Jay's home, gonna run!!

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