Sunday, January 1, 2006

Home from trip; received bad news

We got home from our trip to Alabama late friday night. Jay and I drove the whole way to and from. It was a nice trip. I'll have to post details later.

I got some horrible news tonight at church. As you know I am a Mary Kay Consultant. I have about seven team mates that I go to church with, and one of them told me tonight that our National Director Carol Robertson died yesterday from a tragic accident.

Just earlier in the year, March if I remember correctly, did Carol's husband Brian pass away due to leukemia at a very young age. I dare say this couple was in their fourties, more like late thirties I believe. Carol was putting away her Christmas decorations in the attic of her new home. She apparently thought her dad who was helping her was starting to fall. Carol in her attempt to keep her dad who she thought was losing his balance, fell 20 feet off her ladder on her head. Her spine was broken in four different places.

They airlifted her to Duke Hospital where she lived for three hours then passed. Carol leaves a six year old daughter. This child is an orphan. Please pray for little Taylor.

Carol was the mentor of my own director, Carla. I had the opportunity to meet Carol at a workshop just less than a couple of months ago. She truly lived up to her reputation. She lit up the room she was in. She was concerned for others, and believed with her whole being that if you dare to dream it, you can achieve it. Her life was an open book, for all to read. She gave herself until her very end. May her spirit go on in everyone's memory who had the priviledge of encountering her.

I personally am still in shock, and sick to death. It seemed just yesterday my heart was going out to her facing the loss of her husband. Now it's breaking for her daughter, who, in one year, lost both of her parents. You know, dr's say kids are resilient and bounce back easily- how does a child bounce back from something like this? Her parents left her a huge legacy behind- that one day will give her comfort. But what about now? I only pray that this child is exposed regularly to the Word of God, and that if she has not already, she will very soon accept Christ as her Savior. Until then I pray that God will put a hedge of protection around this precious child, show her his love in a very visible way that she will understand.