Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Frustrating evening

I had a headache this morning. The trip has taken it's toll on me, really. I was on the phone with J earlier today and asked when he'd be home. He said around 6. I said it would be great if he could ensure that, so I could leave Hannah at home with him for a change when I take Jackson to basketball practice which resumed today. He said sure. After dropping off carpool kids, we went to one store in search of jumbo pacn chicken breasts. They didn't have any. Go pick dad up from the house he was cleaning, go to other store to get chicken, go to credit union for dad, go pick up their dog from groomers, taken dad and dog home. Go by yet another grocery store for side items, come home. Have supper done at 6:30, looking for J. Come 7:15 I conclude we're not going to practice and Jackson has a fit. I call J's phone and ask if he's lying on the side of the road, he says no. I ask of the car is working, he says yes. Then it hits him. His boss come in with something and J decided to do it before he left work, completely forgetting about practice.

Thats the thing, he has been so uninvolved with Jackson's basketball, not one practice OR game, it really doesn't suprise me. hurts, but not suprise. It's a matter of priorities.... and lack of consistency. Hannah was looking fwd to time with her daddy tonight, that would be the only thing to keep her from practice. I just didn't have the energy tonight to follow up on Hannah. My best friend K's daughters were there to run her around, but I don't believe that should be their job each and every practice, kwim?

I have so much to do around here!!
I believe I will enlist mom's help tomorrow in catching up on my laundry, LOL I need to go to the bank anyway, so we'll be out around lunchtime. I was informed (mom) that a new headboard, footboard, frame, and mattress set will be delivered tomorrow :) Woo-Hoo! I hope it's a soft pillowtop!! I just need to clean out our room so we can get it in ::blush::: I got a new abcdistributing catalog and see a bunch of decorating stuff I could go crazy with. Oh goodie.

I've been thinking a lot about Carol and my MK career. This has been a great week with orders. I will love it when the time comes every week will be like this and better. I need to remind myself "baby steps". 2006 will prove to be the miracle year. I will get my house in order and running effectively, we'll start our debt reduction plan, I start college, we'll start homeschooling (Hannah) in August, just a whole bunch going on. But my main goal will be to be in a company car by Christmas. That's the big thing. Consistency is the key here. That's not something I have a whole lot of, really!!

Time for bed- feel free to comment!!


  1. Sounds like that was a whopper of a day! Joyce Meyers is focusing on debt reduction for the rest of this month. I've started my own Targeting. While it is true that we do not receive a lot from the church and my subbing can be irratic John tends to always find some money to eat out. So the other day when he told me he had a coupon and wanted to eat out---I said that would be find, but since it wasn't our regular date night that we would be eating cheap and then putting $10.00 toward one of our debts. (I've targeted our stove) The target must be over an above the regular payment and no amount is too small. I've also been very pleased that John has seen the need to have a little in savings for emergency.We just used the little bit of savings we have for a microwave as ours gave up the ghost after 14 or more years. I know it is difficult to do because sometimes it seems like we don't have enough coming in----but we have committied to putting some away. I've prayed that John will get on board with me and that we will work together toward a goal rather than thinking it is impossible. I haven't read your blog in awhile---hope all is going a little better. It is wonderful to hear about all of your Mary Kay orders. I'm believing that as we dedicate ourselves to the Lord all the works of our hands will prosper as the Word says. Hey I read your latest post about babies too---remember that if you desire to have another baby and you and Jay are working on your relationship that is fine---but even though it seems to be the craze right now with your friends--you don't have to keep up with the other couples. We had some friends who were close in age to our boys---they moved away but last we knew they had five kids. That was fine for them but we knew it was not for us.

  2. (((Ruth))) Saving works so much better when both spouses are on the same page. I'm already leanring a lot in my Personal Finance class!

    Remember you can get my posts via email by joining the group on the left side of the screen, too. That way you don't have to 'remember' to come straight to the blog, only when you want to comment :)